Sjon Brands Luchtschepen | Art video

The Dutch contemporary artist Sjon Branðs makes Dadaist birds of paradise and winged airships. Absurd constructions made of metal everyday objects, radio tubes, ostrich feathers, ladles, etc. Sculptures that seem to flutter straight from the surreal rarities reserve of Jheronimus Bosch. It’s a bunch colourful caricatures of our existence, a cheerful collection of human idiosyncrasies and vices, that sometimes make life hard, but definitely worth it.
With this new series of movies the artist shows his five winged airships (2012-2015), wayward work he two and a half years continuously worked on. Mountains metal, wood, glass, stone, porcelain, thousands of labels and tens of thousands feathers are gradually transformed into a lively landscape Dada dream worlds in 3D.

Director editor: Philippe van der Loo
Music composer: Joost Janssens.

Client: Sjon Brands.