Rayon de Soleil 
Shortfilm Writer/Director

Rays of the Sun
Master graduation shortfilm, Luca Sint-Lukas Brussels, 2017. 
28 min. 

In the 12th century in the French wilderness, a woman awaits with her child for her husband to return from the crusades. They are struggling for survival. While exploring in detail the way people back then lived in relation to nature, this historical drama favours the use of allegory to address contemporary concerns such as religious fanaticism, post traumatic stress disorder and alienation.

Dorien De Clippel, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, 
Seppe Decubber and Basile De Vuyst.

Written and Directed by: Philippe van der Loo
Director of Photography: Cedric Van Bockel
Production Design: Hugo van der Loo
1st AD: Marco Bolla
Editing: Janey Stouten
Sound: Feras Daouk
Sound design and music: Joost Janssens
Light: Tuur Logghe
Grading: Dries Noteboom