"Just because you are a character doesn't mean that you have character."

Hi, i'm Philippe.

Born in Tilburg, the Netherlands, 18 july 1991.

Graduated at Luca School of Arts, Brussels, with a Master in the Audiovisual Arts in 2017.

Currently living and working in Brussels, Belgium.

As a filmmaker i'm mostly interested in telling stories about characters with inner struggles and dilemma's. Intimate and impactfull stories, that can transport the audience into the world of the character. Told in a way that can elevate the story itself.

The last couple of years since my graduation i've worked on many different projects (short, feature, television, corporate and series) in different disciplines. I have gained a lot of knowledge about all facets of filmmaking that i can apply as a director.

Currently shooting, writing and developing two feature films, a short documentary and a series project.

In short, storytelling is in my DNA.

So, let's go to work!